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Hiking around Westendorf

Hiking paradise Westendorf

Westendorf is the right place for hiking enthusiasts, as with no less than 200 kilometres of hiking trails there is a suitable route to find for every level of ability. The village is part of the Kitzbühel Alps, which easily counts 2,500 kilometres of hiking trails. It’s easy to hike directly into the mountains from Westendorf via various trails and with the help of summer lifts. There is a wide range of activities available for both beginners and advanced hikers, and from quiet family hikes to intensive summit hikes and interactive hikes for children. Westendorf has been awarded the hiking seal of approval by the Austrian Hiking Association due to its wide range of hiking trails and routes.


For hiking enthusiasts

  • More than 200 kilometers of hiking trails
  • Diverse tour options
  • Various levels

Family hikes in the Kitzbühel Alps

Hiking in Westendorf is a wonderful natural activity for children, which offers many fun and educational stops along the way. An absolute must for a hike with (small) children is the Wohlfühlweg trail. You will pass a water labyrinth, a playground, painted stones and wooden stations, while the route leads along green meadows, forests and streams. The trail takes a total of one hour and 20 minutes and is 3.3 kilometres long. Other fun family trails include the Windauer Wadl Weg and the Alpinolino Himmelsteig, which feature fun and educational stations, a playground and games.

Hiking around Westendorf

Adventurous hikes in the Kitzbühel Alps

Advanced hikers can choose from more than ten routes leading to the most beautiful peaks, ranging from 1,500 to 2,400 metres above sea level. What could be better than reaching a mountain peak? After a long and strenuous climb, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking mountain panorama. Are you looking for a real challenge? Then take on the Kröndlhorn, with 2,444 metres this is the highest mountain in the Brixen Valley. The trail takes about seven hours in total and covers a distance of 13.5 kilometres. Another favourite is the Brechhorn with an altitude of 2,031 metres, which will take an average of five hours (16km) to complete.

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