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Flying-Fox-Golm in the Montafon | Summer holiday in Austria

Have you always wanted to "fly" over the mountains? Then a ride on the Flying-Fox-Golm is an absolute must. Attached to a 565-metre-long steel cable, it takes you over the Latschau reservoir at a speed of 70 km/h. From the starting platform at Waldseilpark-Golm to the landing platform at Alpine-Coaster-Golm, you overcome an altitude difference of 47.5 metres. Of course, you are secured with a safety harness and wear a helmet. For safety reasons, you must weigh at least 25 kilograms to use the Flying-Fox-Golm. You will find this attraction on the Bewegungsberg Golm.

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  1. 565-metre long ropeway
  2. Magnificent view over the lake
  3. Attraction for the whole family
  4. Flying Fox Golm cable car

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