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Discover the city Reutte

Discover the city of Reutte

The town of Reutte is located 23 km from PURE Resort Ehrwald. If you are in need of larger supermarkets, nice shops and enjoy the beautiful nature, this is highly recommended. It's only a 25-minute drive to experience everything from relaxation to activities. Would you like to spend a day in Alpentherme, enjoy nature from a suspension bridge or be active in the water? It's all possible in the Reutte area.

Versatile environment

  • Alpentherme
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Water activities
  • For the whole family
  • Larger supermarkets


You can enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pool at Alpentherme all year round. A wonderful outing for active people, people who want to relax and children. For the more active there is the Erlebnisbecken, where there are four swimming pools, each 25 meters long. The children can amuse themselves at various attractions, such as the tire slide and kite games. To relax, you can lie in the sunbathing lawn, where you have a view of the Reuttener Hahnenkamm piste and the Ehrenberg castle.


The Plansee is the ideal place for people who want to enjoy a beautiful view or are fans of swimming, rowing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling or diving. This place is highly recommended to become one with nature. The Plansee is connected to the Heiterwanger See by a 300-meter-long connecting channel. With an area of ​​2.87 km², De Plansee is the largest lake in the Außerfern. With the fresh mountain air and the sound of the water you are guaranteed to relax.

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

The whole family can enjoy a wonderful day out at Burgenwelt Ehrenberg. Take a walk on the Highline 179 suspension bridge surrounded by beautiful nature or visit a museum and castle to discover the historical events of the Middle Ages. For the children there is a playground in the middle of the beautiful nature, and in the museum they can carry out a fun and educational puzzle tour.


For supermarkets with a more extensive range, you can go to Reutte, where you can choose from several supermarkets. At MPREIS, EUROSPAR and Billa you can score tasty Austrian food products for a nice price.


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