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Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg is approximately a 20-minute drive from PURE Resort Ehrwald. This place is perfect to spend a day with the family, as there is plenty to do. You can take a beautiful walk on the Highline179, visit a museum, past a castle and take the children to the playground.

  • Exciting suspension bridge
  • Beautiful nature
  • Historical events
  • Playground for the children


The enormous suspension bridge Highline179 is no less than 406 meters long and 114 meters deep. Until 2017 this was the longest suspension bridge in the world. An ideal, exciting summer walk that takes you back in time. The suspension bridge rocks a lot, but this makes the adventure even more exciting. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, it is a must during your stay at the resort. The bridge can be reached on foot but can also be reached by lift. The Highline179 is open all year round from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Highline 179 forms the connection between Burcht Ehrenburg and Fort Claudia. During the walking tour you will learn more about the historical events. Entrance to the castles is free, tickets for the hangburg and possibly the lift are available in the visitor center.


History of Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

In the Middle Ages, Burgenwelt Ehrenberg was the defense in the north of Tyrol. The three fortresses on the mountain tops and a border post in the valley were built to secure trade across the Fernpass and to control the border. More than 700 years ago this was the residence of princes and kings. Knight games are organized every year to take people back in time.

Museum of Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

The museum at Burgenwelt Ehrenberg is the place to experience history with all your senses. Experience the exciting story of Knight Heinrich and his beloved Maria set during the 14th century. There is a fun puzzle tour for the children: the Ritter Rüdiger puzzle rally. At the end of the journey, the children receive a certificate and are appointed maids.

Playground for the kids

If the suspension bridge is still too exciting for your children and you prefer to stay safe on the ground, then the playground is an option for your family. The playground is made entirely of wood with animal sculptures and climbing equipment where children can enjoy themselves. The playground is completely free and is located close to the parking lots and opposite the reception and museums.


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