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Cookies Policy

This website uses both functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the website. For the placement and reading of non-functional cookies, we require your prior consent. You can refuse or block cookies by changing the configuration parameters of your browser.

Non-functional cookies in this website:

Google Analytics

Used for collecting website statistics. The collected data for events and users is not automatically deleted.


Used to analyse the website and to allow Google and other advertisers working with DoubleClick to show relevant advertising for the user.


Used by Facebook to deliver a range of advertising products, such as real-time bidding from external advertisers.


Used to register a unique ID that identifies the device of a returning user. The ID is used for targeted advertisements.


Records a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical GPS location. And to keep statistics of which YouTube videos the user has seen.


Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool. By combining these two, we can make our website better.

Google Adwords

Used to offer you targeted ads and optimize ad campaigns.


Used to trigger the web chat, which makes it possible to request support from a chat agent.

Bing Ads

Used to let Bing Ads know that you've clicked on an ad and which pages you've visited later.


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